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Are Prints extra?

I will supply you with high-resolution digital images from which you may make your own prints. 

I do not require the customer to buy prints.

Will my portraits be edited (photoshopped)?

I offer the option for photo editing of wedding pictures and for portraits. Much of the photo editing process has to do with white balance and lighting.  But I am also able to correct stray hairs, acne, and brighten the eyes and teeth.  Faces are so multi-faceted that it is entirely necessary to do some editing for before final printing because it is impossible to perfectly light every aspect of the face at once.  For example, to get the eyes and teeth really bright from the studio lights, would cause the rest of the face to be over-exposed.  The trick is to boost the brightness in those areas but not in other areas. 

Do you shoot indoor weddings?

I only shoot outdoor weddings. Typically I only photograph elopements or very small weddings.

I have photographed weddings and elopements in numerous locations in Northern Arizona, including both the South and North rims of the Grand Canyon, Sedona among the beautiful red rocks, Flagstaff Nordic Center and Viola's Flower Garden.

What should I bring?

  For outdoor weddings and portraits, bring sturdy walking shoes, in addition to your dress shoes.
For shoots at the Grand Canyon, women should bring bobby pins - the wind is almost always blowing hair in the face!

Will you post my images online?

Your images are completely private and will only be featured on this website if you provide written permission. 
If you are comfortable allowing one or more of your best images to be featured on-line, please contact me to discuss discount options and possible TFP for models/actors and actresses.

What is TFP?

TFP stands for Time For Prints. 

Photographers will often collaborate with models/actors/actresses and other famous persons for mutual benefit. 
The model will offer his/her time in exchange for the right to use the images for their portfolio.   
They give their "time" in exchange for the "prints" or images.


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